Universal Laptop Power Supply

So you’ve got a big trip planned to a foreign country. iPollo Miners It’s your dream trip that you’ve been saving money for months if not years. You want everything to be perfect. You already have everything all lined up, but you’re just not sure if your laptop power supply is universal.

It is easy to check if you already have a universal power supply. Take a look at the power cord that came with your laptop. Now look at the very small wording on the black rectangular box. Check and see what it says next to the word “input”. If it says “100v – 240v” then you are in luck. You already have a universal power supply.

If you’ve confirmed that you have a universal power supply now all you have to do is buy a power adapter for the country you are visiting. Your power cord is already built to handle the excess voltage that most countries besides the United States use. Now you can just purchase an adapter from you local electronics shop or drug store and begin using your computer as soon as you arrive at your new destination.

That was easy and probably would have saved you a good amount of money by not needing to purchase a costly adapter/converter. Now you don’t have to. All you have to do is plug your power cord into your power adapter with the different prong setup and you are good to go. Now the plug will fit in the outlet of the foreign country you are in. Enjoy.

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