Push Your Architect for Green Technology Options

top residential architects in Florida are the gateway through which most green technologies find their way into the marketplace. The architect ‘specs’ particular technologies made by the manufacturers they are most familiar with into the plans for a project, then the person or organization contracting them fronts the cost, and it ultimately ends up as a working element of the property.

This is all well and good assuming the architect knows every available green technology on the market, but that’s obviously impossible, so what you end up paying for and using for your renewable energy or efficiency project is inherently limited by the extent of the architect’s knowledge and research. Ultimately, this means you could end up with yesterday’s technology if the architect gets lazy and you don’t hold them accountable for keeping your project on the cutting edge of an industry that’s evolving rapidly towards more cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives.

When taking on something as ambitious as a complete HVAC or lighting retrofit, a solar panel (or pv) installation, small wind project, water consumption reduction effort or just about any other green technology project, you pay the architect handsomely to guide you towards your best options. Come to think of it, you pay even more for the materials themselves.

Don’t you think you ought to have some insight into the materials that are planned for your property and the companies that get to use your money as a way to showcase their wares? GreenTechBuyer does, and we think you should be proactive about it by doing some research on your own while holding the hired architect accountable for the extent of theirs. Here’s how

Architects are educated, skillful and thoughtful professionals, but they’re as prone to cutting corners as the rest of us when not held accountable for evolving their technology practices. Make your expectations and goals clear upfront, stay informed about the progress of your project, and push for answers if you ever feel like you’re getting less than the best effort and option. Taking an active role in the development of your project may not be the architect’s dream, but it’s your dreams that are important.

Brian Koles is the founder of GreenTechBuyer, a website that educates homeowners & real estate pros about green technology and helps them find the best companies to work with for their energy efficiency or renewable energy project. Check them out a

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