Marketing Communications at a Global Security Services Company

Global Security Company, a company based in UK that provides: protection services, other risk management, and security consultancy services to clients worldwide, has discovered threatening difficulty in penetrating the world market to globally compete against competitors with the same industry. In addition, it has been observed the رخصة تجارية في دبي is greatly concerned with the newly hired employees who have no sufficient understanding of the potential benefits of online marketing, and how to utilize the technology so to conveniently, effectively and, efficiently carry out company-wide goals. This paper focuses on resolving the problem on how the company can penetrate and market its services to the global market.

The growth of the company is measured on how well the organisation manages its resources and having the best marketing strategy. Such business like the Global Security Company that has already come up with a marketing design should also consider internet marketing – the type of marketing that perfectly fits to competing both locally and globally as well. This offers a more competitive advantage for the company. Being competent through the use of the foregoing strategy means the organisation itself must have adequate knowledge on internet marketing. Having an in-depth understanding on how to gain a lot of power using the internet and its contribution to the survival of the company amidst competition is essential on carrying out the said strategy. Survival of the fittest as what Darwin says, this also goes for having the best business marketing strategy for a company to survive.

The internet highway is as fast and varied, information is thrown at anywhere and everywhere. To have an advantage to manipulate that properly the Global Security Company should have its own website. A domain where people can access and get information of the services that the company is offering to its potential clients. Relevant information should fill the web page and readily provide information on products and services. Along with the detailed services information, it should also contain in the ‘about’ page the company profile that contains a brief history about the global security company and its mission and vision. On the ‘contact’ page, the contact information of the company is displayed. This is where potential clients go should they have queries about the company itself or how they can avail of the services offered. Moreover the company needs to ensure that the website looks professional and updated that it creates credibility in the eyes of potential clients who might come across with the site. People who see this will trust the information they are reading will help them solve their problem in relation to the services the Global Services Company offers. True, creating a remarkable website is like building relationship of trust and rapport with diverse people worldwide (Bates, 2007).

To ensure success in internet marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) will be the next step to do. Meanwhile, Jarrett (2008) and Bates (2007) explained that having an up-and-running fully set-up website on the net however, does not 100% guarantee instant success to the company in relation to its internet marketing strategy. The main goal of SEO here is to create consistent and tremendous traffic in the Company’s website that is why it entails careful and strategic planning before implementation. Applying SEO to the company’s website requires more than just one strategy. Given that the ‘niche’ has already been identified upon the website creation, the choice of the right keywords is included in the planning. As keywords is significant in helping promoting services the company is offering, it also requires painstaking keyword research and analysis. Keywords relative to the niche are essential to generating incredible influx of traffic in the global security company website once optimized. Hence, keyword optimisation is where the real internet marketing begins. This is where the efforts of the employees are contributed in fulfillment of the success and survival of a Global Security Company worldwide.

For a Global Security Company to pursue its organisational goal to carry out internet marketing strategy, its organisation should have the right workforce to do the work. The following suggestions are provided as Brown (2007) emphasises an organisation should hire employees who can greatly contribute to achieving the organisational goals set by the company. It is in no question that a Global Security Services company already has its best employees on the roll. It is fair enough to say, in resolving the concern on implementing an updated trend of marketing the company will not be left behind. Meanwhile, in the case of Global Security Company, it is not inherently wrong to have employees who are considered to not having a good grasp on internet marketing. Whilst the firm already has the manpower, the best action to take to counter the issue on the workforce is to utilise the workers through conducting a competitive Training and Development in relation to internet marketing. In training and development, decision makers have the chance to empowering and reshaping the workforce through bringing out the best of the employees to carry out Global Security Company goal, which is to promote Internet Marketing. This way the company does not have to hire additional and/or downsize employees. Thus, it keeps the Global Security Company from spending for recruitment, selection and hiring processes.

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