How To Manage Your SEO Strategy In The Face Of Increasing Costs

If you outsource your SEO Contextual Backlinks strategy you will have noticed that over the past several years SEO services have been raising their rates on a regular basis. Even if you manage all of your SEO in-house, you may have noticed an increase in costs. The question of how to handle the increasing expenses tied to SEO is something every business is dealing with. The question isn’t only how to manage costs, but identifying why the process has ecome more expensive in the first place.

The easy answer is competition. The more websites you are competing against in your market niche necessarily means more resources invested to stay ahead. Plus if your competitors are willing to invest more heavily in SEO, you will fall behind. As a result, you will have to invest even more to catch up and overtake them in the rankings.

Another issue which is driving up SEO costs is how keywords are treated. With better geo-targeting and personalization algorithms being implemented by search engines, every keyword is now unique. There are generic, localized, e-commerce, and other keywords, all of which must be optimized differently in order to run a successful SEO campaign. Plus, some big-money keywords no longer display the top 10 results because the page is filled with product images and PPC ads. This means your site must rank in the top 6-8 in order to be guaranteed a spot on Page 1.

Another reason why SEO keeps getting more expensive is because the overall strategy is reactive. Anytime there is a major change to the search engine’s algorithm, SEO campaigns must alter their methods in order to maintain their rankings or recover from any drops. Unfortunately, making wholesale changes to SEO is a resource intensive process.

One way to save money on SEO is by developing a proactive SEO strategy. These campaigns are based on upcoming changes rather than current best practices. Very few Google algorithm updates are completely without warning. The key is to identify what changes are coming and set yourself up for them before they occur. Another thing to keep in mind is sometimes it is less expensive to start over from scratch than trying to overcome a major penalty.

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