Fire Sprinkler System OVK Skåne

Fire Sprinkler System is an active fire extinguishing system. This system basically helps to control the fire. Fire Sprinkler System immediately detect trigger the fire and takes quick action to dramatically reduce the fire. Water is used as an extinguishing agent in Fire OVK Skåne. It is provided with a fire-sensitive fusible element. It protects from the fire in absence of manpower. Fire Sprinkler system detects the fire and protects us from fire disasters.

This system consists of a water supply system. The water supply system provides sufficient pressure and provides flowrate to a water distribution piping system, onto which fire sprinklers are connected. A fire sprinkler system provides a sufficient amount of water to suppress the fire before the flames spread out and cause a disaster. 

Fire Sprinkler System is widely used worldwide. Historically fire sprinkler system was used in factories and large commercial buildings but now they can be used in homes, offices, and daycare centers to prevent fire disasters.  

Design of the Fire Sprinkler System

Most of the fire sprinkler systems are designed according to the specific needs of the building such as the area and density of the building. Firstly, the engineers analyze the building to determine what kind of fire hazards are expected in the building. The design area is that area of the building where fire can happen. Design density is the estimation of how much water is required per square foot. When the design area and density are determined, then the fire sprinkler system is designed according to the amount of water required.

Components Of Fire Sprinkler System

For designing the Fire Sprinkler System. It must have the following components. 

  • Orifice (Opening):

The size of the orifice of the fire sprinkler system may vary. The size of the opening may affect the working of the fire sprinkler system. Opening size has a major impact on the pressure and flow rate of the water. Opening size may depend on the pressure and flowrate required for extinguishing the fire. 

  • Control Valve:

The control valve is situated in the opening of the fire sprinkler system. If we are not using the sprinkler, then the control valve is in the locking position. The color of the control valve is red for easy access. There is a supervisory switch, through this switch we can access whether the control valve is open or close.

  • Sprinkler head:

It is one of the essential parts of the fire sprinkler system. It is the part of the fire sprinkler system that discharges water when a high temperature is detected. This system detects when the temperature rises and then discharge water to suppress the fire. 

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