Breat Cancer: Cigarette smoke blocks cells’ healing ability

The Reuters Health magazine has found that cigarette IGET Hot Flavours can transform normal breast cells into cancerous cells by blocking their normal ability to repair themselves. Over time this could lead to the development of breast cancer, scientists report. Smoking cigarettes substantially increases a person’s risk of developing heart disease, as well as cancer of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, pancreas, kidney, bladder and uterine cervix. Whether cigarette smoking increases the risk of breast cancer risk remains controversial.

For their research, the Gainesville team used cigarette smoke condensate or tar that contains all of the chemicals present in cigarette smoke, 81 of which have been classified as cancer-causing.” The use of cigarette smoke condensate…mimics the human smoking situation more closely,” Dr. Satya Narayan told Reuters Health.

Narayan and colleagues found that after treatment with cigarette smoke condensate normal human breast epithelial cells in culture acquire mutations characteristic of malignancy. “The concentration of the condensate we used is much lower than it is present in one cigarette,” Narayan pointed out. The Gainesville research also pinpoints the mechanism by which cigarette smoke transforms normal breast cells into cancerous cells. Cigarette smoke “causes DNA damage and at the same time compromises the DNA repair capacity of the cell, perhaps, leading to mutation and transformation of targeted breast epithelial cells.”

A DNA repair defect in a single cell that cannot be repaired efficiently before it divides can lead to the genesis of tumors, Narayan said. When people smoke, they inhale 4,000 different chemicals, which can produce harmful effects in our body, Narayan said. Since the development of cancer is a complex phenomenon and requires several gene mutations during its progression, the defective cell can be present for several years before it acquires tumorigenic activity, the researcher added.

Therefore, the safest way around this is to stay away from cigarettes. “This will protect us from the long-term known and unknown causes of cigarette smoke chemicals on our health,” Narayan said. It is well known that cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health, all you have to do is to read the warning statement on the side of the packet of cigarettes. The frightening element here is that cigarette smoke has the ability of KILLING you with its negative side-effects. Unfortunately, cigarette smoking is addictive due to its high content in nicotine, a drug-like substance.

Even more sad is the fact that most smokers will only find the motivation to stop smoking when their health is already endangered sufficiently that they receive a nasty diagnostic at an advanced stage of a disease. Breast cancer affects women in their feminity. It has been said that breast cancer is a socially acceptable woman’s way to commit suicide. The statistics tend to confirm the fact that women who contract breast cancer have a psychological profile that reflects deep unhappiness with their current situation, either with their work, their life partner.

Their lack of children or the overwhelming sense that they cannot cope with all the pressures of our modern lives, where many women are expected to have a full-time job, then arrive home and take on a second one looking after a family. The deep sense of despair depressed the immune system which was then unable to do its regular cleaning job of removing cancer cells which are even present in our body. It focuses instead on the depression, looking for ways to cope with a stressful lifestyle, focusing all its resources on that one situation with no more ‘soldiers’ to divert to fighting cancer. Adding the damage caused by cigarette smoke is the death knoll to women who are not able to change their life situation.

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