Bad Fake Security Cameras

Prevention is truly better than a cure. This is true especially in today’s world and security is becoming more and more crucial every day. oldironsides fake id There are people who are just pretending to have good intentions towards others but their real intention is to take advantage of that person so they can get what they really want. Planning ahead of time is the best protection for one to be safe. Although, protection is very expensive and can get intricate and complicated, there are still other alternatives that will give the illusion of security, like fake security cameras. You just have to make sure they are not bad fake security cameras.

Bad fake security cameras don’t fool anyone. The good ones are a great system to deter someone from vandalism or other destruction of property, be it in your home or your business. This type of fake camera really looks like an original security camera which is complete with the red blinking light, cables, and wiring to make it look totally authentic. It doesn’t need to be assembled because it is ready to be mounted wherever you want to install them. You might be wondering what the point is, they can’t really capture video. However, if your main goal is to prevent crime then this type of camera is cheap and can be as effective as a real camera.

Usually, these types of cameras work great inside of elevators or outside the doorway of your business. There are also places like prisons or banks where the usage of this camera can be counterproductive. The main goal is to make sure that the camera is visible but that it can’t be easily reached by a criminal that forbids them from disconnecting the wiring.

The best fake security camera is one that looks like the real deal. The only way to make them appear real is to make sure it has everything that real cameras have. If the real cameras have one wire coming out of them into the wall, then the dummy should also have to have the same structure. Also, when you install them make sure that you will put them at the same angle as a real one. This can fool the minds of the criminals because they will believe that they are being recorded.

These fake security cameras have advantages and disadvantages. As to its advantages it is very useful as a deterrent and is cheaper than the real camera security system that’s why it is very affordable. But on the other side are the disadvantages of it. First, there are lots of internet shops that sell cheap cameras and most often some of them were “Made in China”, and so they are not made to look authentic.

Second, a professional thief can easily detect a fake camera by just simply looking at it. Because the very first thing that he will check is the motion of the camera so see if it is random or guided motion. Real cameras have two cables: one goes to the power source while the other goes to the video. If the thief cannot see the two cables or if he sees that the cables are going nowhere, he will know it is a fake. Next, most of the fake cameras have batteries inside as the power supply. The battery wears out rapidly and so you have to check and change the batteries often.

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